Here's what we've been up to lately


 Babies -

"The babies have been developing their colour awareness through a wide 
range of activities. They particularly enjoy sensory experiences so 
staff have been creating rainbow playdough, multicoloured pictures and 
coloured water play. The blue water play with a variety of cups and 
vessels for pouring was a huge success!"






Tweenies -

"The tweenie room are very interested in counting and comparing objects 
at the moment. The addition of the new domino number line has created a 
fun interactive activity that everyone is enjoying. We are spending a 
large portion of the day taking the domino cards off the line, counting 
the dots and placing them back in order. It is also very fun to play 
with the pegs..!






















  Garden play

"The addition of loose parts play in the garden has been a great 
success. Everyone is enjoying creating obstacle courses using the logs, 
beams and pipes. We have recently purchased a low level sandtray to 
ensure easy access for children of all sizes as well as mud and bark 
digging pits to create fun concoctions in the mud kitchen. We are in the 
process of creating a music wall using recycled pots and pans as well as 
providing an all round sensory experience with the addition of a herb wall."



 Sports Day - 

"Sport day was a huge success with a great turnout from children and 
families. The children stated that the egg and spoon race was the most 
fun as its funny when the egg falls on the floor! The addition of a 
medal presentation ceremony and a group picnic afterwards topped the day 
off and made it a great event all round!"